Cheap Stock Video Footage: What’s in it for Buyers?

The rising trend of stock footage has a great impact on the creative community. It has increased cost and time savings because of its immediate availability in stock media sites. Video productions of any size have given an equal opportunity to create awesome projects. They are no longer stressed about missed shots since there are high quality alternatives for a lower costs in the market. Here is the 101 to cheap stock video footage you should know.


Cheap stock video footage can be used in multiple projects, depending on the license you buy it with. It is commonly seen on commercials, documentaries, television programs, independent films, and sports reviews. Video clips do not only bridge the gap between the scenes; they can also be used to create the entire storyline.


When finding cheap stock video footage, buyers usually ignore two important things: file format and file age. It is important to note the file format to make sure that it complements the project you are working on. For instance, you have an HD video clip in 16:9. You do not want to purchase a stock footage in 4:3. The same is true when you have a PAL format project and you get a NTSC format. It simply won’t work. File age is also important – especially in documentaries. Time-sensitive elements can strongly affect the credibility of your project.


This is one of the reasons why we always reiterate the importance of buying your cheap stock video footage from a reliable stock media site. The video clips include a free legal guarantee that protects you from any legal action, which may arise from your purchased footage.


Some cheap stock video footage have restrictions when it comes to modifications. Some have advanced restrictions, while others only limits the audio the runs along with the video. To clearly understand the extent of restrictions, read and follow the guidelines imposed by the stock media agency you are the buying the stock footage from.



There are two common types of license for cheap stock video footage: Royalty-free and Rights-Managed. Royalty-free allows you to use the image in any project, as long as you like, multiple times for a one-time fee. On the other hand, Rights-Managed charges based on various usage considerations. You need to specify how the image will be used and for how long. Another type of license is Editorial-Use-Only. It limits the use of stock footage to an editorial piece.

As a buyer, these are the things you should know about cheap stock video footage. They will help you find the best clip for your project and make the most of your purchase. Some of the stock media sites that offer high quality video footage are Shutterstock, iStock and Getty Images. There are many others. Find one you are most comfortable with, and that suits your creative needs and budget.

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