PixelRockstar Pricing for Photo Plugin WordPress

Are you looking for high quality photos for your blog? You don’t have to search anymore. With PixelRockstar, you can get photos for your WordPress in just seconds. PixelRockstar photo plugin wordpress has over 4 million professional quality images in its library at very low pricing. Search and add photos to your blog and social media accounts easily and fast. The photos you downloaded is yours to use forever, too!

With PixelRockstar, your photos are just seconds away! You can search and add media directly onto your posts with just a few clicks. Over 4 million legally-safe images are waiting for you to download. The best part is they are available in absolutely irresistible pricing:

  • Pixel Pack
    This pack offers 10 images for only $9, which means you can get one image for as low as $0.90.
  • Rock Pack
    The Rock Pack comes with 50 images for only $35. This means you can download images for $0.70 each.
  • Star Pack

This PixelRockstar pack is considered as the best choice of them all – especially if you have large creative needs and a low budget. It comes with 350 images for as low $200 only. Thus, you can download a single image for as low as $0.57.

All PixelRockstar packs allow you to access and download from the site’s library of over 4 million high quality photos and illustrations. They are photo plugin wordpress that you can directly add and post onto your articles and social media posts easy and fast. Feel free to use the images legally forever from now on!

All PixelRockstar images come with a Custom Digital License, which is specifically made for digital use. This license removes all the common limitations that turn creative professionals away from traditional image sources. Why should you choose it over other sources? Well, with PixelRockstar, you can create quality content faster without the hassle that traditional sources may bring.



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